Pacific Northwest - Borrowed Paradise | Photography by Will Crites-Krumm
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Goat's Clever Smile

Goat's Clever Smile

Mountain goats lounge on Ellinor's shoulder, digging for food and cool earthen relief, August sun's now blaring. Quarrels now and then arise abruptly from obscure breaches of protocol, or simply hot blood, but are forgotten just as quickly. Introduced Species. I wonder if they feel how alien they are to this place? If they long for their natural Northern Rockies in some vague way, for not having to dig away from the heat quite so much. If they feel in that way the burden of their presence here, the karma we've given them in our uninvited meddling. They too were drawn here, by forces beyond sight, beyond memory, to this strange new home.

last snowbank
resting under
goat's clever smile

//Mt. Ellinor, Mt. Skokomish Wilderness, Washington

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