The West & Texas - Borrowed Paradise | Photography by Will Crites-Krumm
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June's Kiss

Took 3 passes to get here: Grand green valley, flat and made flatter still by the granite pyramids of the northern Rockies. Camp found near Pettit Lake, coaxed fire out of wet logs, a shelter in the small pines. One more journey for the day: step 'cross sage flats, dirt soft with fresh rain, flora adorned in green and gold. Clamber up hill, muddy feet sliding in sandals, til view is clear: the two matriarchs of this drainage, resting, like dear rivals, on each side of the lake. Yes, this is a motherly landscape! Nurturing arcadia, sheltered by rocky peaks & forest hills. Waters shallow and quenching, calm even in this weather. I think of Ocean, the airless dark, opacity of depth. The source of all life, yes—but in a far-off, murky way, like a father only known in infancy. But here, with this wet earth between my toes, I know right where my weight is resting.

Deer watch on my reverence, cautious but not scared. Mind flushed and clear.

snow-driven peak
blown into cloud--
June's stormy kiss.

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