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Hi. I'm Will. (Specifically, Will Crites-Krumm). I take photos of things. (Specifically, the Earth). I'm very excited that you're reading this. (Thank you, specifically, for coming here!)

To expand on a few of the points above: Photography is a tea ceremony between me and the Earth. It's the best way I know to celebrate the planet on which we live, and the fact that we live at all! It’s not about reducing the unfathomable, awesome, overwhelming abundance a moment into a single photograph, or about pretending that that is even possible: There is just so much.

But I hope that my photographs do communicate some of this: the variety of life, the infinity of existence; the limitation of subjective experience, the magic of human imagination; the truth of our animal selves, the delight of belonging; the safety of wilderness, the danger of comfort. But most of all I want to communicate the joy I get when I feel my feet against mountain soil, my gratitude for each breath of air. I want to share my love for the earth and for its radical abundance--because when a person loves something, they'll do everything they can to take care of it.

That's why I pick up my camera, and why I haul it to the remote wilderness areas where I do most of my work. To find the places where these feelings, like springs, swell to the surface, and to carry some with me back to the village. To take a representative sample, to borrow just enough to help us humans not just know but feel our connection with other places and people, with the cosmic star-splash sea we call reality. The world is not a prison but an Eden, a garden in a vacuum, a paradise we’ve borrowed briefly from eternity. But we're tenants, not owners, and there's a pretty steep deposit.

I should include the more boring biographical details: I'm based in Olympia, Washington, and do most of my work in the Pacific Northwest as well as around Steamboat Springs, Colorado, my childhood romping grounds. As with every other photographer you'll meet, I've been shooting since I was a kid. I like books, movies, tv, video games, design, human nature. Music is benevolence!

Famous and popular people say they love to hear from fans, but I would just be blown away if I had any. Send me an email or letter or telegram or smoke signal if you'd like, especially if you're a designer, artist, journalist, architect, or Bodhisattva interested in collaborating!

"Believe that the world is an ethereal flower, and ye live."

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