The West & Texas - Borrowed Paradise | Photography by Will Crites-Krumm
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Gates of Paradise

Yosemite National Park, California //

I wonder why it is that major life events always seem to happen all at the same time. Always a dogpile of responsibilities and hassles, always with you at the bottom. Maybe it's some kind of mystical rite of passage, a heavy-handed symbol from the universe, bluntly saying that yes, it's time to move on into a new phase of your life. Maybe it's a desperate attempt by the writers to swell up viewership on their pan-dimensional cable network. Maybe it's a just flashbulb memory, an artifact of our minds, and we simply remember the pileups more easily than the leisurely times when stressful situations unfolded in an orderly single-file line. The one thing I know for sure is that when you're getting stuck in a dramatic time, there's no therapy like a getting lost in a dramatic landscape.

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