The West & Texas - Borrowed Paradise | Photography by Will Crites-Krumm
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Seeing Spirals

Austin, Texas // Patterns in plants are downright fascinating. That a certain type of spiral growth can be effective across so many species, to reappear again and again and again, as much as we can measure it, is probably one of the cooler things about reality. A lot of people read into this as evidence of some spiritual force or designer, but I don't really see it that way. This may be controversial, but I think that things are the way they are because they work. The golden ratio is everywhere because it just happens to be the most efficient way to grow. Without it, there would be another pattern or just no plants at all. Order doesn't exist for a particular reason, but it is necessary for our wondering about it because it is a prerequisite for our existence. Patterns like this are a reminder to me how lucky we are to have happened to exist and get to enjoy and love and wonder about things like patterns.