The West & Texas - Borrowed Paradise | Photography by Will Crites-Krumm
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Heart's Cradle of the Chisos Mountains

Big Bend National Park, Texas

/ From my notebook, resting on this 2000-foot cliff in the early morning light:

Boundless nighttime unity stretches in all directions, to Mexico and on, a whole hemisphere of darkness. Stars twinkle meekly through hazy desert cloud.A moment, and the fullness of night emerges from the false headlamp darkness, detail-rich even with this sliver moon. Not long, and the winter sun rises from Mexican peaks. Shadows stretch and shrink, deep hard-edged pools of night, hiding in valley and forest, waiting for the planetary turning to return their mother, shadow-full Mother Night, from the other side.

The high-walled Chisos Basin is the cradle of the park, of the impossible, desert-defying variety of life that lives there, of the morning shadows and evening shadows, of the heart of anyone who visits there, and to the mind of that visitor, of all things.

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